Beside the families since 1980


Beside the families since 1980


We have been dealing with inter-country adoption for more than forty years, promoting the child's right to have a family day by day. Thanks to our commitment, since 1980 more than 5000 children have found a loving home, giving birth to over 4500 new families


With our offices we are present in 6 regions of Italy, offering concrete support to the couples who want to adopt. Our offices are operating in the following regions: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Lazio, Marche, Puglia. On this page you will find the complete list and our contacts.. 


Adopting a child is a delicate journey that requires constant support and monitoring. We at Cifa work alongside the adoptive families throughout the whole international adoption process; from the general information meeting to post-adoption support. 

We organize free information meetings to tell about our multi-sectoral work, illustrate the adoption process, clarify any doubt or concern. The meetings are open to all couples with decree of eligibility or waiting to obtain it.

We offer free private talks at the couples interested in examining their specific path, evaluating the concrete possibilities of routing to a Country. To obtain a meeting, the couple shall provide the home study and the decree of eligibility.

The mandate assignment is the act that establishes the choice of the adoption Agency; during this phase the Country of routing is defined, and the couple is informed about foreign procedures, the age of the children in adoption and the average waiting times. With the completion of the mandate, both the couple and the Agency start the production of the documents required for filing the adoption application to the competent foreign authority.

Our training course on international adoption is a mandatory psychological and experiential course; it consists of a series of meetings designed to provide couples with all the needed tools to face the most challenging steps of the adoption process. While waiting, we offer couples the opportunity to join meetings about technical updating and emotional support.

Once a placement proposal has been received, the couple is summoned to the relevant office, and the professionals present the child's documentation provided by the foreign authority. The couple's consent to the proposed matching is sent to both the CAI (Commission for Intercountry Adoption) and the competent authority of the Country.

Once the departure clearence is obtained by the Country of adoption, we are available to provide logistical support for the trip and for the stay on site. Before departure, the assistance is provided by the competent office in Italy, while it is provided by a local representative abroad. Our national offices are always available via E-mail, telephone or Skype to help fixing any difficulty that may arise in the production of documents, as for the resolution of any problems.

Post-adoption assistance is both technical and psychological: our professionals meet the couples and the children in order to write the post-adoption reports required by the child's Country of origin. In addition, we offer specialized support services to deal with any problems or critical issues that the new family may experience.


We cooperate with several Countries around the world, ensuring transparent adoption processes. We are currently working with Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, the Philippines, India, Peru, Russian Federation, Ukraine and will be soon operating in Cambodia and Bolivia. In the past years we helped many families to adopt also in Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Sri Lanka.


International adoption is a very complex system that requires several human and economic resources. Adoption costs are divided between costs in Italy, referring to the Agency's work, and foreign costs, related to each Country. For the adopters, some tax breaks are also provided by law. 


All our pre and post-adoption support services are provided in different regions of Italy, with different times and ways.


All Cifa activities are carried out in a totally transparent way; our work is monitored by the Commission for Intercountry Adoption (CAI).


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